NPR’s Planet Money is in the business of second chances. On a recent episode airing Oct. 26, hosts drew up a thought experiment:  What if they could go back in time, pluck a song that missed its moment and release it in the modern era, letting a new generation of listeners decide just how popular it could be?

They went on to do just that, creating Planet Money Records for the sole purpose of licensing and promoting a long-forgotten ditty recorded way back in 1975. The song? “Inflation,” a funky, bass-heavy tune about the woes of economic downturn and soaring prices.

Earnest Jackson, the song’s writer and lead singer, wrote “Inflation” in the music room of Southern University and A & M College and told NPR he knew almost immediately he had something special on his hands. He describes getting in his yellow ’66 Mustang, rolling down the windows and belting the tune out on his drive home.

Speaking of inflation:Here’s what you need to know about the latest Fed interest rate hike.

January 4, 2023

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